Terms and Conditions

1. Surrey Visuals works in accordance to its Operations Manual that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA reference 20160125MMJH). The manual details set procedures that must be followed by the Pilot in Charge (PIC) when carrying out any commercial aerial work.
2. There are minimum requirements for every aerial flight for work, no matter how straightforward or complex. Therefore, before accepting any work Surrey Visuals will carry out an ‘open source’ feasibility exercise to ascertain if the work can potentially go ahead. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. These can be found in detail at the CAA website.
3. If it is deemed potentially suitable to undertake the aerial work, as a result of the ‘open source’ feasibility exercise, Surrey Visuals will provide the client a detailed quotation of work, dependent on the requirements provided.
4. If that quotation is accepted by the customer a proposed date will be agreed to undertake the work. A deposit of 15% will also be requested to secure the booking. Weather conditions play a major part in the ability to fly Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA). This includes ‘Space Weather’ that has an impact on radio frequency interference (RFI) and therefore there may be a delay to the proposed date.
5. On the day the PIC will ask for signed consent (F015) prior to flight. The consent must be from the landowner or person responsible for the land (Estates Manager etc.). The PIC will also have copies of Public Liability Insurance and the CAA License to Fly (‘Permission’) available for inspection on the day.
6. The PIC will brief and crew / assistance required (cordon control) and carry out a ‘walk through’ site survey with the client (or their agent). Only once the PIC is content that conditions are suitable for flight, after the site survey, will the aerial work commence. The PIC has the final say on whether a flight will take place or not. If temporary conditions (i.e. weather) prevent any flight a further date will be agreed by all parties. If, as a result of permanent conditions (i.e. closeness of a major road, mobile phone mast), the PIC decides that flight will not be possible at a location, the job will be terminated. There will be no additional cost incurred by the client. Due to the ‘open source’ feasibility survey having taken place – the chances of a ‘job termination’ at this stage is unlikely.
7. The duration of the flight will be dependent on the customers needs and satisfaction from the PIC that they have captured the required footage. The Operations Manual stipulates duration length – the total flight time on one flight is 45min (using three batteries @ 15min each).
8. At the conclusion of the flight the PIC will debrief the crew / assistance. This may include the customer selecting specific photographs / footage as well as an agreement of type of formats to be used.
9. Surrey Visuals intend to complete post flight editing / formatting and return to the customer (at a method agreed at the Contract stage) within seven working days of the event. Should there be a delay in this return Surrey Visuals will inform the client directly with an indication of the completion date. Should the post flight work be very complex, Surrey Visuals will indicate on the Contract a ‘return by’ date.
10. The invoice will be sent with the final product – to be paid within 14 days of receipt.
11. Unless agreed to the contrary at the Contract stage, photographs and video footage will be sent via ‘JPEG’ (for Photo) at up to 16 mega pixel quality and ‘MP4’ for video. The video is taken up to 4K quality (4 x HD) and the reformatted to a useable product for transmission. Should 4K video or RAW photograph format be required please inform Surrey Visuals know at the time of Contract.
12. Surrey visuals understand that photography can be a very personal viewpoint. The company is happy to engage in dialogue, including sending through test photographs to ensure the customer is happy with the end product (note: these will be of a lower quality and watermarked).
13. Surrey Visuals take no responsibility whatsoever if the customer (or their agent) does not have the information technology (IT) capable to receive the end products electronically. Early discussions between Surrey Visuals and the customer is vital to ensure there no format issues.

Copyright and Usage

Unless a buyout of footage is specifically agreed and Contracted, Surrey Visuals retains the copyright of all filming content. The customer purchasing the service of Surrey Visuals will get full use of the material, however will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the agreement of Surrey Visuals. We do reserve the right to use ANY of our footage for internal promotion.