In this example use the central slider to see the before construction and mid way through construction effects.



This effect can be used to show elevation data also – see this example of an area of National Trust land in Surrey – Red being the higher ground and Blue the lower:



Another example, this time at The Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park near Epsom, where Surrey Visuals are providing progress reports on the construction of a families centre within a walled garden:



In this example you can clearly see where some tree felling has taken place:



In this example a large 117 hectares area was mapped.  the sliders reveal Google Earth, mapped as of April 2019, the evevation view and NDVI – that provides an indication as to the health of the plant life on the ground.

Google Earth2D map of April 2019Elevation viewNDVI view
Current view (Sept 2019)Proposed development